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Solar pump solutions for Australia’s toughest climate: Western Australia. Locally based team for installation and support.

About NASTEC Australia

Ready to service WA

We provide tailored solar water pumping solutions for West Australian agriculture, mining and industrial applications.

Our European designed products are tested to withstand the harshest conditions.

Our sales, warehouse, maintenance and support teams are all located in WA.

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Our Products

4HS MultiPower

4HS MultiPower – Centrifugal and Helical Rotor / Submersible pumps with built-in invertors suitable for AC and DC power sources


Nera – Cost effective Centrifugal and Helical Rotor / Submersible pumps suitable for DC power sources only


Mida – Next generation of solar pumping invertor. Compact and ideal for any kind of solar pumping application


Inverters are designed to power traditional pumping systems using solar energy

Recent Installs


Three-pump booster set installation

A system recently installed by one our dealers comprising of a three-pump booster set, utilising the Nastec VASCO AC drives. These VSD’s allow for seamless communication between the pumps without…

MIDA Install with Pioneer Tank

Another installation here from one of our valued dealers: Watertorque. System includes the below: MIDA 207 Multipower Inverter Clenergy 4 Panel Array Frame 4x 370watt Solar Panel Lowara 10SV03 Vertical…
4HS Solar Pump for farm install
Nastec VASCO Installation – Cattle Station, Moora WA.

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